Hi, I'm Karin. I own 3 businesses of my own and after taking training to aid my own marketing strategies, I discovered first of all how easy it actually can be, and secondly a love of helping other small businesses succeed with email marketing. I specialize in email automation, which is the creation of marketing assets that can be reused or automated to reduce your workload and increase your consistency with email or social media marketing. I also can assist with Facebook ads testing to find the cheapest and most effective ads funnel for you (and have it work around the iOS issues that plague so many others).

Email is a "owned" marketing avenue that is often forgotten or struggled with, and not consistently used. It's one of the cheapest marketing methods available to small businesses and it's estimated that for every dollar you spend on email marketing you can expect to earn $36-42 (depending on who you ask). I know first hand how difficult it can be to know what to say and find the time to consistently email your customers. That was literally me for years. Consistency and clarity really are the secrets and my goal is to help you create a years worth of assets that give the ability to continue without me or so you can hire a part time student to take this on for less than the cost of a virtual assistant because its that quick and easy. I'm talking about scheduling weeks if not months worth of emails in less than 30 minutes with little to no work.

If you are interested in a quote, please fill out the questionnaire below so I can get a better idea on what you need. I do provide discounts for choosing a full year package (weekly emails and/or socials, events, automation, and Facebook ad/funnels), and otherwise I bill by the project (not by the hour like most Virtual Assistants). For example a project could be a weeks worth of email campaigns or social posts, one automated email flow, or one event (which can include multiple emails, flows, sign up forms, Facebook ads, social posts, landing pages, etc.).