Who is this Karin Person?

For my first blog post I thought I'd introduce myself (this might spark a little deja vu for those that have already read my about me page in full, (cause we all know how many people likely did that, not!)

Where to start... well I'm a mom to a beautiful 2 year old named Rylee. Super smart kid (might be a bit biased here), that is quickly gaining a love for everything art just like her momma. She is the reason I'm still going during Covid, as my former business (retail diy art studio named Glaze Craze) closed it's doors in December (I might be a slight bit bitter about that still, but I won't bore you with the details). It's taken me some time to recover as you may notice it's now March and I haven't done much on any social media channel since then (shit happens as my picture shows), but I'm back at things and happy I have this business to keep me occupied (in a less parent of a toddler, more grown up I can "adult" sense).

With this new found motivation to get things moving I'm branching out what I offer to suit my current interests. I am still continuing with my jewellery (big release being posted any day now), but I'm also starting to work more towards my name sake Flicker Bug. It's from my love of light and how you can play with it, not to mention the heat of the kiln everything is created in (that's the magic oven that reaches temps over 2000 degrees). What I'm trying to say is (and you may notice in my menu the coming soon items), I'm working on a few new lines of night lights, candle holders, and lanterns. It's still going to be a few weeks before you see finished products on the site ready to buy but feel free to watch them transform on my insta feed in the next little bit. Expect big things (or at least more than I've done the past few months).


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