Off to the Caribbean (aka the space heater & my ocean noise playlist)

Ok, so no I'm not traveling anytime soon, but if you are in Ontario right now, you might be like me and imagining yourself in the Caribbean, or well anywhere but your own home (although the weather is getting nicer). Not that I can make the next month or more of lock down disappear, but if you're interested in distractions, I might be able to help.

If you haven’t been following me on social, I finally received 2 new kilns that will work at my home (I have 4 large production kilns in storage but I don't have the electricity at home to make them work). This means I’m back to making stuff, (even if it is in very small batches) and I’ll be sharing it all.

So please join me and follow along as I get back to my most creative self. I’ll be posting on all my social channels including youtube and I have some really fun ideas I can't wait to try out.

***If you want the full scoop on everything I'm doing, Instagram is my main platform and you won't miss a thing there. My VIP email list (sign up at the bottom of this or any other page on my site here) is also something you will want to join for advanced access on new products I hope will come out of my experimenting and stuff I don't share anywhere else.

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