How To Keep Your Base Metal Jewellery From Turning You Green

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I personally wear my flicker bug pendants almost daily. I believe that you shouldn't be held back from wearing your beautiful jewellery because you're afraid it will start turning you green.

While I prefer to use stainless steel when I can to avoid this issue entire, sourcing bails (the metal part that connects my glass work to a necklace) in steel, has been difficult the past few years. Because of this I've had to resort to a lower quality metal bail in the short term.

I don't want to give up wearing my pendants though because of this dilemma and I don't want you to either, so I'm here to share a great tip to keep your jewellery looking like new and prevent it from turning you green.

The secret? Nail polish. Yup, this easily accessible, affordable and easy to apply polish is all you need. While you may be able to find a colour you prefer, I tend to stick with plain old clear, preferably a top coat that is "harder".

It's as simple as brushing clear polish on the metal parts of your jewellery (not over rings and moving hinge areas so much as you don't want them to glue in place). But the back that touches your skin, areas you heavily touch/fidget with, etc. I tend to put a couple coats on the back and sides (and sometimes the front too) and every year I'll re-apply (or 6 months if its feeling thin).

The best part, if you make a mistake and coat an area you didn't mean to, or it has texture you don't like, nail polish remover lets you start all over again (q-tips are your friend for getting into small areas with remover).

And on a final note, I'm excited to announce that I have finally sourced some stainless steel bails for my jewellery. It's unfortunately not the same style as my original ones but I'm happy to have an option for those that prefer stainless (I'm still trying to find a way to purchase or make the original style myself). Watch for the new bails in my next shop update near the end of the month!

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