Big news today, I have a new kiln!

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I'm excited to share today's big news. I officially have a working kiln again! I realize this may induce some questions like, what is a kiln? and why do I need it? (it's the specialized oven I use to melt the glass to make my jewellery). And once you know that, how the heck was I making anything before this if I just got one now.... Well that is the story of the past few months since my previous business Glaze Craze closed. I currently have large productions kilns in storage that require more electricity to operate then any location I currently have access to has. Infact most of the kilns require most of the electricity that most small homes in the city have total. Does your home have 100amp service like mine? one kiln needs 75amps, an understanding landlord and electrician to install it, (I'm lacking the power and the understanding landlord).

Well today I finally get to pick up my new kiln that will work within my homes electrical capabilities (it's been on order since 2020), and I'm excited to get making things again. While I was waiting for today, I had a good back stock to keep me going (since I knew I was going to be lacking a kiln for a while) and friends with kilns willing to help as needed too, but I'm so thankful this time is coming to an end. I compare my kiln to a car (insert your prized possession like a house, purse, article of clothing), you really prefer to have your own and have full control of how it's used and maintained.

To see pictures and follow the story, make sure to check out my instagram or facebook stories later today (my handle is @flickerbugstudio on both platforms) or wait for me to post them here tomorrow. I'm off to grab a kiln now though!

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